Amy K. Langston

I am an ecologist interested in landscape-scale responses of ecosystems to the effects of climate change and local stressors. My work currently focuses on evaluating responses of salt marshes and coastal forests to sea level rise using numerical models and field data. I'm currently a postdoctoral research associate in Matt Kirwan's Coastal Ecogeomorphology Lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary. I completed my PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida, my MS in Biology at San Francisco State University, and my BS in Ecology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

I also spent many years working in environmental consulting in California where I assessed potential impacts from proposed projects on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems throughout the state. When I'm not working in marshes, I love to botanize in the desert and hike in the mountains. When indoors, I'm a sucker for a cross-stitch project.

Contact Info:

Physical Sciences Department

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

William & Mary

Gloucester Point, VA

(eight zero four) 684-7592

aklangston 'at' vims 'dot' edu